Technical SEO

Solutions for Building a Better Web Presence

Technical Search Engine Optimization

Crawling & Indexing: Develop a strong search engine optimization foundation with proper XML sitemap setup, submission, and refinement, ensure robots.txt and .htaccess files are being used properly, and prevent other crawling and indexing issues.

Structured Data Markup: Provide additional information and context on the content and experience of pages with structured data. Using markup provides an opportunity to differentiate listings on the search results pages with additional data.

Page Speed Audits/Optimization: Accelerate webpage load time by identifying burdensome dependencies, reducing image sizes, leveraging caching systems, optimize redirects and take advantage of G-Zip compression to save on bandwidth and improve site usability.

URL Canonicalization & Optimization: Prevent duplicate content and consolidate ranking signals by improving how URLs and the parameters that e-commerce and publishing platforms produce are handled and how preferred domains and canonical tags are implemented.

Responsive Development: Improve the user experience and optimize the mobile and desktop-friendliness with an implementation of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, complete with a custom JavaScript library and a dedicated cache to speed delivery.